Why Astrid?

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If you are one of the millions caring for a loved one with autism spectrum disorder, Astrid is for you.

You’re most likely stressed and sometimes overwhelmed. There’s so much data out there, so much to think about and do. How can you realistically keep track of it all.  ASD is an ever-changing situation which create different demands on you as the family caregiver.

Astrid is an AI digital tool to help you navigate the challenges of caregiving.  Astrid creates personalized care plan tailored to your individual situation as a caregiver.  We save you precious time, peace of mind and many times even money.  All of your caregiving needs are in one place, along with quick, easy-to-implement tips, strategies and a personalized action plan.

If you are just starting your autism journey or have been in it for years, There is support for every step of your journey with personalized guidance and resources available 24/7.  With Astrid you go beyond tracking and recording, to understanding and acting.

Astrid learns and understands which interventions are most effective and helps identify achievements or new areas of concern.

No more notepads, binders, sticky notes.  Astrid is your all-in-one solution which automagically creates personalized care plans and helps you manage, track and help you understand like never before.

We can help.


The experts understand how co-morbid conditions may play a central role in causing autistic behaviors, as well as other subject-specific area impact, but, equally important, the emotional side of what it’s like to be a caregiver.

Astrid is used worldwide to empower parents and care teams to improve the health and wellness of their children.