Astrid helps autism service providers improve operational efficiency, optimize financial performance, and enhance the client experience.

Streamlined Care Planning

Astrid helps reduce the amount of time that is required to make decisions as well as develop and deliver comprehensive care plans. Astrid’s automated workflows, care plan builder, easy to read report cards and configurable symptom and behavior translator helps providers quickly and consistently pinpoint where a client requires the most support and then construct a detailed care plan to provide support.

Secure Telehealth + Messaging

Astrid’s HIPAA compliant telehealth and messaging features allow providers to easily and securely deliver virtual care while retaining access to critical information as well as the ability to capture the data needed to ensure a successful visit. No more using multiple complex applications to provide care, capture data and deliver care plans. Astrid’s intuitive and cohesive user interface ensures you have an organized and seamless care delivery process.

Remote Patient/Client Monitoring

Astrid’s suite of digital health technology removes barriers to access of care by providing all of the critical components to easily identify, deliver and track comprehensive care plans remotely. Astrid’s check-in process allows caregivers to easily record critical information between visits which drives actionable, automated alerts and recommendations to ensure providers well informed to deliver the highest quality of care.

Efficient Revenue Cycle Management

Astrid’s best-in-class revenue cycle management technology enables providers to prevent denials, accelerate reimbursement and enhance the customer experience. Astrid integrates with over 700 of the nations leading commercial and government payers to support eligibility of benefits delivery, claims processing, electronic remittance advice, customer statements, payment processing and intelligent analytics for practices of all sizes.

Increase Care Plan Adherence

Astrid delivers simple and innovative technology for practices of all sizes to help their clients obtain a deeper understanding of autism and its impact on their loved ones. This understanding is the foundation for effectively boosting engagement, retaining clients and improving communications to achieve positive outcomes.

Begin to impress clients with a seamless, unified care experience that drives adherence, amplifies revenue and helps achieve positive outcomes.