An Astrid partnership means empowering the people you love and serve.

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Parents & Care Teams

We partner with parents and care teams by providing technology, resources and support which help individuals with autism achieve the skills, independence, health and wellness to be their best.


We partner with employers who want to support their team members raising children / caring for loved ones with autism.

Health Insurers

We partner with insurers to help them reduce costs and improve retention by empowering individuals to provide better care for themselves and their families.

Therapy, Diagnostic, & Medical Clinics

We partner with clinics to support the caregiving needs of patients’ families & to facilitate higher quality and more consistent data collection and collaboration with patients between appointments.

Autism Research Centers

We partner with research centers to support consistent data collection and analysis during research studies and clinical trials.

Non-profit Organizations

We partner with organizations serving the autism community, to engage with them in cross-promotional marketing initiatives and providing technology that increase member/community engagement.