Care Recommendations

Care Recommendations   Care recommendations are recommendations that are provided to caregivers based on  information provided to the care team as well as Astrid’s AI engine. Astrid supports 3 types of care recommendations: Immediate Recommendations Monitoring Recommendations Care Team Recommendations This tutorial will provide a description of each type of recommendation as well as information […]

Create a Care Chart

How to Create a Care Chart Watch this 2 minute tutorial video to learn how to create a care chart on Astrid.

Invite a Care Team Member

Invite a Care Team Member to your Astrid Chart Use this tutorial to learn how to add a care team member to a chart.  In addition, you will learn how to permission a care team members read and write access. Start by logging in to Astrid and entering the chart you want to add a […]

Sign Up (Parent / Primary Caregiver)

Signing Up – Parent / Primary Caregiver Follow these steps to sign up for Astrid as a Parent or Primary Caregiver. The Astrid sign up process consist of two parts. First, registering your account. Then, choosing your subscription frequency.  This tutorial will provide the steps to complete each part of the sign up process. Visit […]