Making a Recommendation

One of Astrid’s core features is its collaborative care team recommendations.

Care team recommendations consist of goal and/or activity recommendations which can be made from care team members to a parent/caregiver to be included into the care plan.  These recommendations should be aimed at helping educate and/or support the caregiver in establishing an achievable care plan as well as reaching the goals of the care plan. 

IMPORTANT: Any intervention is considered an “activity”.

To help streamline the delivery of complex care protocols, Astrid includes the ability for care team members to develop template recommendation protocols (goals and activities) which can be personalized and delivered quickly to a parent/caregiver.

Once a recommendation has been made and the parent/caregiver decides the recommendation is acceptable, they can include the recommendation into the care plan with a single click of a button.

Then, once the activity or goal recommendation has been accepted into the care plan, Astrid’s AI-engine will begin to monitor the care plan and highlight its success and/or challenges.