Joining a Care Team

Use this tutorial to learn how to join an Astrid care team and begin collaborating.

After a parent or caregiver has added you to an Astrid care team, you will receive an email invitation which informs you of your new access to the care chart.


IMPORTANT: If you do not have an Astrid account, complete this tutorial first: Care Team Registration 

If you already have an Astrid account, then simply login to your account and navigate to the “Chart Directory” view.

Once in the Chart Directory, you will see a blue notification informing you about the care team invite and asking you to accept or decline. 

Click the blue “Accept” button if you want to join the care team, otherwise choose decline.

Once you have accepted the invite notification, you will now see the chart show up in your Chart Directory listing.

To view the chart and begin collaborating, click the “View” button.