Invite a Care Team Member to your Astrid Chart

Use this tutorial to learn how to add a care team member to a chart.  In addition, you will learn how to permission a care team members read and write access.

Start by logging in to Astrid and entering the chart you want to add a care team member to.

Then, click on the “Care Team” tab located in the bottom right hand corner of your browser.

Next, click on the blue “Invite to Care Team” button OR the “Add to Care Team” icon.

For this example, we will add a Coach / Mentor to the Care Team.  NOTE: These steps are the same for adding any other care team member (ie; Caregiver, Doctor, Therapist, Dietitian, Teacher, Family Member, etc).

First, enter the email address of the care team member.  This is where the invite will be sent to.

Next, select the role of the care team member.  In this example, we will select “Coach / Mentor” from the drop down menu options.

Then, choose the permissions you wish to set for this care team member.  In this example, we will give the Coach / Mentor the ability to view (aka Read) all of the active modules on the care chart.  We will also allow this care team member to contribute information (aka Write) to the Care Plan and Goals modules.

Once you have completed the above steps, click the blue “Send Invitation” button.

After you have sent your care team invitation, you can review the status of the invite by clicking on the “Invitations” button.