Meet Astrid, a measurement-based care platform for autism.

Astrid promotes real science, real data and intelligent insights that help autism focused care teams reach goals faster.

Greater Understanding of Symptoms and Behaviors

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Increased Coordination Among Care Teams

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Lower Average Duration and Cost of Care

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How Astrid Works

Astrid uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and workflow automation to guide care teams through a simple measure, review and improve process.  This process helps care teams achieve a greater understanding of symptoms and behaviors, deliver better quality care and improve outcomes for individuals living with autism spectrum disorder.

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Hear what the Autism Care Community has to say about Astrid.

“Astrid has been a tremendous help to our center and the clients we serve.”

Kevin MohlerAmerican Autism & Rehabilitation Center

“Astrid provides a powerful vehicle for supporting autism research and services.”

Cathy FarmerOrganization for Autism Research

“Astrid is a true game changer for autism care management.”

Armen Nikogosian, MDAutism Biomed Center / MAPS