Meet Astrid, a measurement-based care platform for autism.

Prevalence of Autism in the U.S.

1 in 54 Births

Annual Cost of Autism Services in the U.S.

$262 Billion

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability with U.S. prevalence exceeding 700% growth since 2006. The financial impact of autism services to U.S. citizens presents one of the largest annual costs amongst all complex conditions. According to the CDC, effective early intervention is estimated to reduce the cost of life long care by 2/3.

Astrid is Revolutionizing Autism Care

Astrid promotes real science, real data and intelligent insights that help caregivers and service providers:

Quickly understand where support is required.

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Identify co-morbid conditions which may be causing behaviors.

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Create, manage and track personalized care plans.

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Understand which interventions are most effective.

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Easily identify achievements to celebrate or new concerns which need to be addressed.

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Communicate accurate information quickly to other care team members.

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How Astrid Works

Astrid uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and workflow automation to guide care teams through a simple measure, review and improve process.  This process helps care teams achieve a greater understanding of symptoms and behaviors, deliver better quality care and improve outcomes for individuals living with autism spectrum disorder.

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Innovative Features & Benefits

Symptom Translator

Astrid’s proprietary AI engine helps quickly translate symptoms to potential comorbid conditions as well as provides educational material to help care teams better understand this relationship.

Measurement Toolkit

Simple and seamless dynamic assessment tools help track goals and symptoms with easy to read report cards and data driven notifications.

Knowledge Center

Astrid’s curated knowledge center provides access to over 1000 autism focused articles, research studies, videos and recipes to help care teams make informed decisions.

Actionable Insights

Immediately upon completion of the new chart assessments, Astrid will provide a series of recommendations and diagnostic reports using the information provided.

Collaborative Care

Astrid enables sharing of charts using a simple invite system as well as secure messaging and video chat to enable real-time communication.

Alerts & Notifications

Astrid’s alerts and notifications support care plan adherence and help identify achievements to celebrate or new concerns which may need to be addressed.

Hear what the Autism Care Community has to say about Astrid.

“Astrid has been a tremendous help to our center and the clients we serve.”

Kevin MohlerAmerican Autism & Rehabilitation Center

“Astrid provides a powerful vehicle for supporting autism research and services.”

Cathy FarmerOrganization for Autism Research

“Astrid is a true game changer for autism care management.”

Armen Nikogosian, MDAutism Biomed Center / MAPS